Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

Stephanie + Sheyla's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

Stephanie + Sheyla's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

It’s no secret that we shoot frequently at Cross Creek Ranch. We love it there! And Stephanie and Sheyla’s wedding is a great example as to why. We also shot their proposal so make sure to go back and take a look. Here are some of our favorites from their wedding day.

Zachary + Jessica's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

By now I am sure you know that we LOVE Cross Creek Ranch and we shoot their often :) But every wedding their is special and Zach and Jessica's is a perfect example of that! From the sequin gold bridesmaids dresses to the amazing personal vows, this wedding was special! Enjoy some of our favorite images below and learn about their wedding day plus hear advice from the Bride herself! 

What do you love most about each other?

Bride: What I love most about Zachary is his laugh and personality! His laugh is contagious that when he starts laughing anyone that is around can’t help but also laugh. His personality is one of a kind. He can come across very reserved or shy but once someone gets to know him he is very outgoing and has very many different voice impressions that he will do randomly!

Groom: What I love about Jess is her eyes and her dorky personality! Every time I see her I get lost in her dark green eyes. She has a way to always make life fun even when we are fighting or bickering. She always is laughing and trying to be funny but we both know her jokes are terrible but somehow funny!

What was the most memorable part of the wedding day for each of you?

Bride: The most memorable part of our wedding day was right when the doors open for me and my father to walk down the isle I was already starting to tear up but when I saw Zach’s face and he was trying to hold it together it caused me to loose it and the tears just started flowing. I will never forget the look on his face at that moment! 

Groom: I think the most memorable part of the wedding was our hand written vows! It meant so much to the both of us to speak from the heart and tell each other how we felt. The best part of all of it was that we wrote the same things about watching the game and fishing and we never even told each other what we wrote until hearing it for the first time during the wedding!

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Do you have any advice for couples currently planning a wedding? 

The number one advice I would give for couples planning their wedding would be to just remember that it’s about the bride and groom and no one else! It’s nice to accept help from family or friends but do not let them dictate what you should do because in the end it is your wedding. 

Also, check out their Wedding Feature below: 

Vendor List

Wedding Planner or Coordinator: Cross Creek Ranch
  Photographer: Rad Red Creative
Videographer: Rad Red Creative
Getting Ready Location: Cross Creek Ranch Bed and Breakfast
Venue(s): Cross Creek Ranch
Florals: Events in Bloom
Decor/Rentals: Cross Creek Ranch
DJ: Grant Hemond & Associates
Catering: Catered by Vesh
Cake: Cakes by Ron
Hair/Makeup: Destiny & Light
Wedding Gown Designer and Shop: Maggie Sottero / CC’s Bridal St. Pete
Tuxedo/Suit Designer and Shop: The Perfect Dress
Paper Goods/Stationary: Write On Sarasota
Bride’s Jewelry or Accessories: Family Jewelry
Wedding Shoes: Kate Spade
Wedding Rings/Bands: Custom


Travis + Stacey's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

Travis + Stacey's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

Travis and Stacey are a special couple! From the moment we met them, we knew they were such a perfect match and they complimented each other so well. We were so overjoyed when we booked them for both photo and video! Plus, Cross Creek Ranch??!! It's not news that we love this venue! They pay such good attention to detail and make it so easy for us to do our job. We caught some really sweet moments on there day, especially during the first look! Check out some of our favorite images and their video below.

Nathan + Christy's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

Nathan + Christy's Cross Creek Ranch Wedding

Cross Creek Ranch is an awesome outdoor barn venue in Dover, FL. We are so happy to be one of their preferred vendors and get to shoot there often. Nathan and Christy's wedding there was nothing short of amazing. They had a rustic chic vibe with shades of blush, mint, and gold.