Trent + Madison / Wedding

Trent reached out to us over a year ago to shoot his destination proposal at Disney. We heard his thick Alabama accent over the phone and knew this was gonna be FUN! It was such a perfect proposal and of course SHE SAID YES! If you haven't seen the proposal check it out here, it was also featured on How He Asked! Months go by and they ask if we would come to Alabama for the wedding - we said "HECK YES!". These two are so sweet, kind, caring, and MADLY in love. They were a dream to work with and we had such an amazing time with them. 

We are always open to traveling so hit us up even if you aren't in FL or NC! Enjoy their wedding story below,

What do you love most about each other? 

Madison - Trent is an extraordinary man! I’ve never met a more kindhearted, God fearing, family loving, hard-working, man in my life! He always puts others before himself and never fails to keep me laughing. One of my favorite traits about Trent is how he loves his mother. If a man has an unconditional love for and with his mother there’s no doubt he’s to have an unconditional love and strong protection around his wife. He has always been and will forever be who I share my legacy with!


Trent - This is a super difficult question because I could write a book on this woman. Being a man, I admit that I’m super stubborn…and since day one, Madison has taken care of me. She is very driven and has a passion for what she does. This passion and energy carries over from her work into our relationship and keeps us relevant. Our relationship is never stagnant and it’s because she always focuses on the foundational aspects of our relationship and does something every day to help us to grow.


Why did you choose the date and/or time of year of your wedding:

I (Madison) have always dreamed of having a Fall wedding as long as I can remember. Fall/Halloween is one of my favorite times of year… hints the pumpkins, pumpkin carriages, and deep classic colors of the flowers we chose to use as decor for our big day. An October wedding was a no brainer! Yet, we all know a southern Alabama family never has a wedding in the middle of Alabama Football season. We tried to make it happen, but there just wasn’t enough help available during that time. However, let’s be completely honest as to why we ended up choosing mid-March over October. Trent, contacted Brittany and Leo earlier last year in hopes of working with them to capture our engagement. Wow! These guys did a bangup job capturing our engagement as a surprise to me (Madison) and we were both overwhelmed with how great it was to relive it again and again every day! So, we knew right off we would without a doubt book them to capture our wedding. I remember our first conversation regarding any sort of wedding planning was along the subject of when RadRed was available. We gave them several dates we had chosen and the first one they were available for we booked! Wahlah! March 18th was officially our wedding day!


What was the most memorable part of the wedding day for each of you:

Madison - I wouldn’t hesitate to say the most memorable part was turning that corner to lock eyes with Trent for the first time that day. We had decided not to have a first look and wait until we walked down that isle. Best decision ever! I explained to Trent when we got home that night that it was almost like an out-of-body experience. I can’t fully explain how grand it felt to turn that corner as I was linked arms with my Daddy to lock eyes with my groom. I explained to Trent that it literally felt like we had become brand new and I had never felt more grown up. These 8 years of dating and growing together were worth every second!


Trent - Oh this is a no-brainer…I’ve waited a long time to see this woman walk down the aisle and it was so much more special than I could’ve dreamed of. She absolutely blew me away. I literally think that I quit breathing…words can’t even describe the feeling!


What was your first dance song: “Grow old with me” by: Florida Georgia Line

What song did you walk down the aisle to: “Who is she” By Patrick Doyle (Cinderella 2015 )


Do you have any advice for couples currently planning a wedding? 

1. Don’t rush it! We dated 8 years and had a 10 month engagement. Take your time. Don’t stress over the small things.

2. Keep a weekly list of things that must be done by the end of that week. That’s what kept us on task and we never even once stressed about anything at all… literally. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting! After all, it’s about the marriage more than the wedding. 

3. Try and pick a venue that is all if not mostly inclusive! Rehersal/dinner, wedding day spot to have everyone get ready, lunch served the day of the wedding to your wedding party, ceremony, and reception/food. This made it so much easier on us to know everything was at one location.


Anything other comments:

You’re getting married!!! Enjoy every second and just let the day flow!


Vendor List

Wedding Coordinator: Corie Kimbrow (who is actually a very close family friend who helped us with a generous heart. She’s fabulous!)

Photographer: David Smith with DSmith Images

Venue(s): North River Yacht Club

Florals: Sue’s Flowers

Decor/Rentals: DIY

DJ: Brian Kimbrow (Husband to Corie Kimbrow/ our coordinator)

Catering: North River Yacht Club

Cake: Celebrations Bakery

Hair/Makeup: Hair by: Valerie Duco at The Parlor on Main in Northport Alabama and Kaitlin Eaton Nixon at Visons Salon in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Wedding Gown Designer and Shop: Wedding Gown designed by Essence of Australia / Shop- Lady in Lace in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tuxedo/Suit Designer and Shop: Jos A Bank

Paper Goods/Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas

Bride’s Jewelry or Accessories: Necklace was Madison’s grandfather on her Father’s side passed away before she was born. Her grandmother has 2 granddaughters including Madison. After, his passing her grandmother had her engagement ring melted down and the diamonds split up into necklaces for both granddaughters. This is the necklace of her grandmother’s engagement ring. Madison’s maid of honor, Susan is the other granddaughter. Susan, also wore her necklace on wedding day to commemorate their grandfather being there.

Wedding Shoes: I walked down the aisle barefooted, but while getting ready all day I wore Crocheted Tinkerbell slippers from NataLa108 on Etsy.

Wedding Rings/Bands: Atara / Artcarved