Wedding Video Rundown - September 2017

What do you love most about each other? 

Harold: To be honest, Hillary is perfect for me. I could not have imagined a more caring and supportive person that has not only allowed me to realize my potential but has never let me fail. Hillary always has my back and makes me proud to call her my wife. Her laugh, her smile, and her heart make me fall in love with her each and every day. 

Hillary: Harold is truly the most amazing man I have ever met.  He is caring, selfless and always ready to do something fun even when he has a busy schedule. He supports me in everything I do, and I love the safety of his arms.  He is my everything and I love everything about him.  

Why did you choose the date and/or time of year of your wedding?

September was the perfect time of year for us because it not only fit our schedule, but it is a time where there aren’t many holidays, so we will have plenty of time to celebrate our anniversary.  In addition, 30 was always my softball number so that is why we chose the 30th. 

What was the most memorable part of the wedding day for each of you?

Harold: The most memorable part of the day was seeing Hillary for the first time. I still remember the wedding party walking the aisle and my emotions swelling up with excitement to see my soon to be wife. The moment the doors opened and I saw Hillary, my wife, standing at the end of the aisle was the moment my emotions spilled over opened the flood gates of emotions. Hillary looked beautiful as ever and I will always cherish that moment. 

Hillary: There were so many memorable moments at our wedding, but my favorite part was being by Harold’s side through it all and seeing the smile on his face as we celebrated and became husband and wife.  The ceremony and vows were magical, and the dancing was a blast.   

What was your first dance song?

Just The Two of Us – Grover Washington Jr

What song did you walk down to the aisle to? 

Moving Forward – Isreal Houghton

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning a wedding?

Enjoy it! Most importantly...don’t sweat the small things! All your hard work and efforts are going to play off on day. On your wedding day, take the time to stop and have a moment with your significant other as the day is going to be a whirlwind, and time is going to fly by quicker than you realize. Remember…have fun! Oh yeah…find your perfect photographer/videographer (Rad Red Creative J ) to capture your precious day. You are going to want someone you trust record your magical day. 


Vendor Shoutouts:

Photographer: Cami Zi Photography 

Videographer: Rad Red Creative 

Getting Ready Location: Sheraton Riverwalk Tampa

Venue(s): The Palmetto Club at Fishhawk Ranch

Florals: Apple Blooms Floral Design 

Decor/Rentals: Music on The Move (Chairs)

DJ: Music on The Move

Catering: Puff N’ Stuff

Cake: Publix

Hair/Makeup: Destiny & Light/Tiffanie Benn 

Wedding Gown Designer and Shop: David’s Bridal

Tuxedo/Suit Designer and Shop: Jos A Bank 

Paper Goods/Stationary: Bride 

Bride’s Jewelry or Accessories: Bride and Family 

Wedding Shoes: Amazon 

Wedding Rings/Bands: Gold and Diamond Source 

Wedding Planner or Coordinator: Oh Hello Events!


What do you love most about each other? 

Thomas: What I love most about Jenna is how she thinks of others before herself and how she pays attention to people’s needs to make them feel loved and valued. She is very encouraging and always brings a smile and positivity no matter the circumstance. 

Jenna: Thomas laughs at just about everything. That’s one of my favorite things about him. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and is never one to turn down a good time. While he has a very carefree, laid back side, he’s also very passionate and shows me every day how much he loves me with his selflessness. (I also love his back scratches J )

Why did you choose the date and/or time of year of your wedding?

Honestly – a lot of it had to do with the availability of the venue. I (Jenna) really wanted an romantic outdoor wedding with an enchanted forest feel. Because Thomas still works in TV and a lot of our friends do as well, we had to be mindful of TV sweeps months (February, May, July, November). Those are blackout months for time off. It worked out perfectly because we were able to get married on a holiday weekend, which is easier for traveling guests. Also, we chose the third because we started officially dating on May 3.  

What was the most memorable part of the wedding day for each of you?

Thomas: Seeing Jenna walking down the aisle. We didn’t do a “first look,” so it was special to see her that first time. I started crying like a baby. I’ll also always remember our prayer before the ceremony. I felt the Lord speak through me in a powerful way that set the tone for our wedding day and our marriage in general.  

Jenna: I remember how it felt to look in Thomas’ eyes at the altar. It was so special because I really tried to let it sink in at that moment that we were getting married. I also had a lot of fun getting ready with my girls. They made the anticipation subside with laughter and joy. 

What was your first dance song?

“Forever like that” by Ben Rector

What song did you walk down to the aisle to? 

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning a wedding?

Oh, gosh. Where do we begin?! Elope or keep it small LOL. And if you don’t keep it small – at least have a small bridal party. Smaller means less people you have to manage, more intimate, CHEAPER (lol!) and more room for it to be what it is truly about – you two! 

Whether your wedding is big or small, it’s definitely important to manage expectations, both yours and the people close to you. Remember what it’s all about: marrying the person you’ve waited for, maybe prayed for and pursued. It’s not about personalized napkins, the perfect playlist, centerpieces or flowers. They are all disposable if you really think about it, but the time you spend with your husband, family and friends during the process and on the day-of will be what is worth remembering. Be careful about expecting perfection or too much from people. Understand that things will go wrong. Let it roll and just be thankful for the season of life you are in. You are never going to get it back (even if you marry again – it’s not like the first time), so soak it in. Love on your person AND your friends. Put your money towards things that will last like pictures and videos of your day. Lastly, hire Rad Red Creative! 


Vendor Shoutouts:

Photographer: Kyo H. Nam 

Getting Ready Location: Morning Glory Farm 

Venue: Morning Glory Farm

Florals: Mimi Eden Florals

Decor/Rentals: Elegant & Classy Events 

Band: Emerald Empire Band

Catering: Flipside Catering

Cake: The Southern Gourmet

Hair/Makeup: Jennifer Abercrombie Beauty

Wedding Gown Designer and Shop: Essence of Australia, New York Bride & Groom 

Tuxedo/Suit Designer and Shop: Jos. A. Banks

Paper Goods/Stationary:

Bride’s Jewelry or Accessories: 

Wedding Shoes: Gianni Bini

Wedding Rings/Bands: Ballantyne Jewelers