We won’t just show up on your wedding day and pull out a camera. We believe in building a relationship with each couple to understand each couple’s unique story and visualize it through video on the big day. Every detail of our work is done with a purpose from switching a camera lens to finalizing edits. We guarantee that your video will truly be one of a kind. 

A Movie of your Wedding Day Fit for Hollywood.

We believe in creating a cinematic like film for you. We have some fancy toys but not just because it’s trendy. We use these tools to create a high quality and beautiful film to be cherished forever. 

Flies on the wall

Genuine moments make for the best shots so we don’t like to stage too many of them. BUT we might just ask you to kiss a few more times to make sure you both look amazing on camera. Other than that, you won’t even notice we’re there.

Hand-crafted Films

We use personal audio from you wedding day like vows and toasts to create a backbone of your unique story. Paired with a hand-selected soundtrack, your video will perfectly tell your unique story.

Two Types of Films

Our goal is to create a film laced with emotion from the sights and sounds of your wedding day that you will want to watch over and over! We want to be flexible with your needs and offer two types of films: 1. Signature Screening: 6–9 minutes that perfectly recaps your day and 2. Feature Film: 12-15 minutes of a more in-depth view of your day and longer excerpts from the ceremony and speeches. 

Connect With Leo + Brittany for details...

Here is an example of each of our types of films. Check out more at www.vimeo.com/radredcreative