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Meet Us


Meet Us

Rad Red Creative began in 2012 when we decided to put our skills together and create something we were both passionate about. That passion is not just photography but for storytelling and people. A year and a half after we started, we took a HUGE leap of faith and both quit our full time jobs. Now, 5+ years later we are so incredibly humble and excited to still be doing what we love most.


Leo grew up with his family telling stories as a way of spending time together. He began to appreciate photos of family, friends, and places and the stories behind them.  After graduation he saved enough money to buy his first DSLR camera. He studied the ins and outs of the mechanics and took numerous photos and hasn't stopped since. 

Brittany's love for stories began in high school when she originally wanted to become a news anchor. On her 16th birthday she got her first camera and Apple computer, so she started making movies with my friends, which created her ultimate passion: video editing. After graduation she went to college studying TV & Film, specializing in Post Production. She interned for a show on National Geographic and at Home Shopping Network to refine her skills. 

Leo and Brittany met and started off as just friends both sharing a love for creativity. Friendship slowly grew into a dating relationship and after dating for a year they got engaged. They were married on June 14, 2013 at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, Florida.

The next step in our lives is about to begin! We are expecting a baby girl this July 2018 and are so excited to see what is in store!

Below are all the states we have been and shot as Rad Red! We would love to have it completely full one day! 


Follow our personal accounts on IG: @leothetrevino + @sweetdarln

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Favorite Things

Favorite Things

"Do more things that make you forget to check your phone."



Food + Drink.

Seriously we are HUGE foodies, especially with Sushi and Ramen. (Getting hungry writing this!) Plus, a good cocktail or beer from a local brewery. 


We LOOOOVE to travel! One of our goals is to see every National Park in the USA before we die. From Yellowstone to Arches to the Dry Tortugas we want to see them all! 



We shoot a lot of film for personal work. It use to be a lost art-form but with hip new labs popping up film is coming back! 

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Also, meet Toby and Meredith Grey (yes thats a Grey's Anatomy reference) They are our fur-babies and we spend our extra time with these adorable faces. Plus a little baby bump photo because we are just so excited to meet our little girl!